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My Deliciously Healthy Kitchen Cooking Classes

If you think that healthy food is boring, then think again. You can eat healthily without compromising on taste, you just need to know how! Come along to a My Deliciously Healthy Kitchen cookery class and I will show you how to make deliciously healthy food that will make you look and feel great in a relaxed, fun and informal domestic setting.

I use all natural, wholegrain, fresh, and quality ingredients in my recipes and everything is sugar and sweetener free. All fresh produce used is seasonal and local wherever possible. My recipes have been inspired by my love of cooking; my many cook books and my travels around the world.

Classes are held at our wholefood cafe KITCH, 4 St-Peters St, Canterbury, Kent. CT1 2AT.



The Wholefood Kitchen

Thursday, 04th June 2015


3 hours

The Wholefood Kitchen

Thursday, 09th July 2015


3 hours

My Deliciously Healthy Kitchen - Recipes

Do you want to learn how to make great tasting food that will also make you look and feel great?

At My Deliciously Healthy Kitchen you can come along and learn how to introduce delicious and healthy meals into your diet at one of my classes.

I will teach you simple, easy and quick recipes that the whole family can enjoy.

Based in the beautiful city of Canterbury we are surrounded by the lovely Kent countryside. We are so lucky in this area to have so many great local food producers and farms giving us amazing, fresh seasonal produce.

I will show you how to use fresh, natural, wholegrain ingredients and you will learn how easy it is to inject some goodness into your lifestyle without compromising on taste. I will demonstrate the preparation and cooking of each dish and if you so wish you can join in or you can just sit back and relax, watch and most importantly taste! Once the food is ready you will then be able to sit back and enjoy the meal.    

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